Privacy Policy

1 Privacy Policy

It is the Policy of AW Ship Management Ltd (AWSML) and our group companies to retain, store and transmit data/information that has been agreed to between the “Data Subject” and AWSML or as required under law, such as but not limited to; Names, Address, Phone numbers, Date of birth and bank Account information.

AW Ship Management will only request and process information from a “Data Subject” for the purposes that we have outlined and that have been agreed between the “Data Subject” and AWSML.

2 Third Parties

AW Ship Management Ltd and our group of companies may contact you by post, telephone or email with details of our products, services and promotions. This correspondence will only be sent to those who have opted in to receive such communications during website registration and Cargo enquiry process. You can opt out of receiving these e-mails by submitting an e-mail request where we will then remove you from any mailing lists that you belong to.

We do not provide or sell your details to third parties. However, we may pass your request for information to our personnel located in or traveling to your region, unless you have decided to opt out to receive such information.

AW Ship Management may pass on your details to third parties, this will only happen if it has been agreed between the “Data Subject” and AWSML, or as required under law or as outlined in Section 3 & 5 of this Policy.

AW Ship Management Ltd complies with the Direct Marketing Authority’s Code of Practice and in case of a complaint, is bound by the decision of the Direct Marketing Authority. A full copy of the DMA Code of Practice is available on the DMA website:

3 Cargo Enquiries

AW Shipping Ltd, as part of the AW Group, will receive any information sent to us through our website during the Cargo Enquiry process and will be used only for providing a competitive quote for shipping cargo to and from selected destinations or resolving any questions or queries that you may have raised and submitted. Should you wish to, you have the option to opted in to receive occasional promotional e-mails from St Helena Shipping.

Once a quote has been deemed acceptable, by those it was directed to, and we have received approval to ship your cargo to and from the selected destinations, we then may pass on your information and data to third party data and information processors.

The purpose for this is that your information and data will be needed to process your cargo on ocean going vessels, road lorries and for customs clearance process in foreign ports. This will be, but not limited to the form of Cargo Way Bills and freight manifests.

St Helena Shipping have the appropriate contracts in place to make sure that not only your cargo is transported to and from your requested destinations safely and on a timely basis, but also to prevent any miss use of data and information that is sent on to third parties as outlined above.

4 Careers (Shore-based and/or Sea-going)

AW Ship Management Ltd and our group of companies welcome those who wish to join our team to send their CV’s through to us and should we have a position open we will contact those who have sent suitable CV’s in for further information.

Should we not have a position open at that time, we may retain those CV’s that have been sent to us for positions that may be open in the future for a period of up to 12 months. After this time, should a position not become available we will then delete those CV’s we have received.

We invite those who have sent in CV’s previously, to update them and send in again, should they not have heard from us 12 months after they have sent their original CV in.

5 Trainee Officers

AW Crewing Services Ltd (AWCSL), as part of the AW Group, are responsible for the process and storage of information pertaining to those who are currently sponsored and deployed on managed or owned vessels as part of the AW Group.

Should you wish to be sponsored for a cadetship, AW Crewing Services Ltd are required to obtain certain information from potential candidates, these include, but are not limited to; Names and address, contact numbers and e-mail address, date of birth and nationality, details or academic and vocational qualifications (held or predicted) and employment history.

All information that is sent to and processed and stored by AWCSL, will be kept securely for a period of up to 12 months. If after 12 months, or before, your application has been unsuccessful, or a position has not been found, AWCSL will delete and remove your information, either in electronic or paper format.

Personal information provided to AWCSL during the application process, including the accuracy of the information provided is your individual responsibility. AWCSL will ask those who are deemed successful in the application process, to provide evidence of the information that was initially supplied, either in electronic or paper format. If you wish to amend any information provided during this process, please contact AWCSL accordingly.

In order to facilitate the applications process, information may be shared with; third parties, these will include, but not limited to, sponsoring companies within AW Group, Maritime colleges, Department for Transport and SMarT administrators.

AWCSL may be required to process and retain sensitive medical information in respect of candidates for the purpose of making a judgement on whether a potential candidate will be eligible in obtaining an unrestricted ENG-1 medical Certificate.

In such cases, AWCSL maintains the utmost security and confidentiality in respect of this information and will not share any such information with any third party unless AWCSL requires professional assistance to determine this aspect and has been agreed to by the potential candidate. Any information shared with a third party medical professional will be on a strictly private and confidential basis.

6 Data Subject Requests

If you have worked for AW Ship Management Ltd, one of our group companies or have submitted data previously to request further information about services we provide, you are entitled to make a Data Subjects Request.

AW Ship Management Ltd or one of our group companies will then respond to your request within 30 days of it being submitted and will supply to you, the Data Subject, all the information that we have and retained.

AW Ship Management and our group companies will retain any information and data for a period of up to 7 years. After a period of 7 years, as part of our Annual Information and Data Audit, we will delete all the information we hold on a Data Subject as per our own internal General Data Protection Regulation Policy

However, AW Ship Management Ltd and our group companies retain the right to keep information after the stated period, but only if required under law or in special circumstances which are, but not limited to; insurance pay out, legal cases, pension responsibilities and consultancy work.

7 Right to be Forgotten

Data Subjects retain the right to be forgotten by AW Ship Management Ltd and our Group Companies. This entitles the Data Subject to request that their information, that is being retained by AW Ship Management and our Group Companies, be deleted and destroyed permanently. All such requests will be handled by the companies Data Protection Controller.

AW Ship Management and our Group Companies must carry out such a request within 30 days of receiving the request, unless the data and information are still required. Only under special and documented circumstances will we continually hold Data and Information, these are, but not limited to; insurance pay out, legal cases, pension responsibilities and consultancy work.

8 Breach

Breaches or security incidents can be defined as events which could have or have resulted in a loss or damage to personal data, or an event which is in breach of AWSML’s security procedures and policies.

All AWSML employees, partners, contractors and vendors have a responsibility to report security incidents and breaches of this policy and of the Regulation as quickly as possible to the companies Data Protection Controller. This obligation also extends to any external organisation contracted to support or access the Information Systems of AWSML.

AWSML will take appropriate measures to remedy any breach of the policy, the Regulation and its associated procedures and guidelines through the relevant frameworks in place.

Should a Data breach occur, AW Ship Management Ltd and our group companies, will contact the Information Commissioners Office, as well as the “Data Subject”, and relevant authority if the breach has occurred outside of the European Union, within 72 hours and will comply fully with any investigation that occurs after any such breach as well as carrying out our own internal audit and investigation.
AWSML will co-operate fully with the ICO during its investigate into such a breach and will accept any findings that may come from it.

For information on the General Data Protection Regulation and the Information Commissioner, please follow this link:

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